Software Developers Kit

The first stage to help you get started quickly is the Software Developers Kit. The Kit includes The Enabler Hardware and Software, comprehensive documentation, a Demo POS application, example Source code and a Software Simulator.

Software Developers Kit Software

V4 Software Developers Kit with Multi-platform API for forecourt automation applications built on XML/TCP transport. This kit contains support for client applications to be built and deployed on non-Windows platforms. This release includes:

  • .NET Native API (for .NET 2.0+)
  • 100% Java API (for Java SE 7 and later)
  • OLE COM based API
  • ActiveX API

Software Developers Kit

Software Developers Kit Hardware

  • 1 x Enabler Card - PCI Express
  • 1 x Cable to connect Enabler PCI to PC Serial port (for Software Pump Simulator)
  • 1 x CD-ROM containing:
    • Software Installer for The Enabler (for redistribution with your Application)
    • Packaged Web Applications: Forecourt Configuration, Site Maintenance and Management, and Fuel Reconciliation.
    • Software Pump Simulator
    • Example Demonstration POS application Source Code:
      • Comprehensive Examples - Microsoft Visual C#, Microsoft Visual
      • Basic 6.0, Eclipse Java
      • Partial Examples - Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0, Delphi
    • Documentation including:
      • Development Guide
      • Application Programme Interface (API) Reference
      • Database Dictionary
      • User Guides for Enabler Applications (English only)