Distribution Modules

Distribution Modules were designed alongside The Enabler, providing the physical and electronic interfaces to suit each manufacturer's equipment.

We offer Forecourt Distribution Modules (FDMs) that work with our Enabler PCI Card and support various pump types and Plug-in Distribution Modules (PDMS) that work within our Enabler Embedded product.

Distribution Modules

Forecourt Distribution Modules

We offer a range of FDMs that support specific 2, 3 or 4-wire interfaces including active, passive or advanced FDMs depending on your forecourt automation needs.

  • Active FDMS: A range of compact PCB designs that provide connectivity between The Enabler card and proprietary pump protocols.
  • Advanced FDMs: Some protocols use hardware interfaces with special demands. FDMs designs for these are more challenging to manufacture.
  • Passive FDM: A PCB designed to connect pumps that use RS-485 or IFSF/LON interfaces. Manual isolation switches for each device.

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Plug-in Distribution Modules

As part of the Enabler Embedded platform, ITL has designed a family of plug in interface cards with optical isolation and supporting major pump interfaces. Each PDM includes two part connectors for pump wiring, allowing heavy wiring to be connected and then simply plugged into the PDMs.

Each PDM includes built in indicator LEDs which show clearly the status of communications with the forecourt and which are visible through the clear poly carbonate panel in the Embedded housing. PDMs plug directly in, eliminating troublesome cable connections.

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Distribution Modules