Enabler PCI Express

The Enabler is a PCI Express card that provides 4 serial ports to connect forecourt devices. It includes optical isolation for reliability and LON interface for IFSF included as a standard feature. Our firmware provides intelligent serial interface supporting a wide range of protocols.

The Enabler runs Windows Software to provide real-time control of forecourt devices including Pumps, Tank Gauges, and Price Signs. The Enabler can automatically retrieve details of fuel delivered, electronic meters, and set prices. Our API includes many features you can integrate into your applications, including a pre-built GUI that indicates pump status and activity.

Enabler PCI Express

Site Architecture Overview

  • Supporting over 70 different pumps, tank gauges and price signs. A wide range of international protocols like Gilbarco, Wayne, Tokheim and Tatsuno are included. New interfaces are in constant development.
  • Real-time Control of the forecourt with responsive updates when anything changes. Our API posts status changes to your application for key events. Software and Hardware error conditions reported by forecourt Devices are also retrieved by The Enabler (where supported).
  • Scalable with the ability to connect more than 40 fuelling positions using a mixture of up to 5 different pump protocols.
  • A SQL Database is used to store setup and transaction data that you can access to implement data processing and export.
  • New Generation API based on common, multi-platform standards for communication - XML over TCP/IP. The latest V4 release includes new native APIs for .NET, Java, iOS and OLE/COM.
  • ActiveX API included so applications that you developed to work with ActiveX on Enabler V3 will run without modification.
  • Web-based configuration and management to ensure security; with user logins and access control, as well as being more accessible (through most browsers).
  • Multi-Client as a single Enabler server per site allows any number of client applications to connect. This includes applications running locally on the Enabler Server and applications on connected PCs. No additional Enabler licenses are required to add more clients.
  • Configuration & Maintenance through localised applications that you can use to setup and maintain each site. Translations for English, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Thai, Italian, French, and Russian.

Original Enabler PCI also still available. Click here for more information